Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clothes galore

We have SO many baby girl clothes it stresses me out. That's a lot. The other day I got out the two huge boxes we have of winter clothes that are a combination of Kalena's, Amelia's, Caroline's, and clothes that Kirsta got from friends that were done having kids. As I'm sorting them into different totes that I think (hope) will be an effective way of organization so we get the best use of all of it, I'm wondering why we would possibly need 15 different pairs of (essentially the same) pink pants. I tried to take a picture so you could get a feel for how many clothes are actually here, but there's just really no way to do it justice. Here's a look anyway:

That's footed outfits on the bed, "pre-made" outfits in one tote, long sleeved shirts in one tote, and just pants in the other tote. That doesn't include any dresses or sweaters, which are hung up.

And here's a close up of that adorable sleeping baby in the midst of it all:

I think there's only one solution for all this: See how many days we can go without repeating an outfit or doing her laundry. That should be a fun game.

I can only keep my fingers tightly crossed that Elsha finds out she's having a girl in March, so that I can give it all away!


Elsha said...

Laura's having a girl-- lets's send some to her!

Kari and Jonathan said...

Sounds good! We'll have to pick out the good stuff or she'll be like, "Uhh, that's for all this old, stained crap."

Anonymous said...

OMG - you girls have SO MUCH baby related clothing! (Between, you know, actual baby clothing and maternity clothes.) Now if you could both kindly move to California I could pretend like you're my sisters too and the logistics of all this sharing business would be much more convenient. Also, I would have friends. Sound good?

Any chances you need comic books? That's what we have a lot of...