Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Jonathan and I just got back from a super fun 2 night stay in Las Vegas, baby free! Jonathan had never been to Vegas, which made it more fun for me. We arrived on Sunday night around 7 pm, met up with our group of friends and decided to have dinner in our hotel:

The Excalibur...

At this resturant. Let me just tell you, don't go there.

I know that the point of the resturant is for the waitstaff to be "Dick's" to the customers, but it's just not that fun. Plus, there was a VERY loud live band playing, which made it impossible to communicate with anyone without SCREAMING. Annoying.

That night we walked around for a while before calling it a night.

The next morning Jonathan and I got up early and went to the breakfast buffet before heading to the Spa for some nice relaxing treatments. He had been complaining that his back was hurting so he got a 50 minute deep tissue massage, while I opted for a facial. Then we went back to our room to shower and get ready for the day. Everything was going great until our group decided it would be a good idea to walk from one end of the strip to the other to, "See the sights." We saw the sights, and they were beautiful, but it pretty much ruined the rest of my trip by taking away my ability to walk.

Needless to say, that night we opted to take a taxi to dinner at the Bellagio, and then I took off my shoes for the long trek back to New York, NY, which is where we saw ZUMANITY. The show was good, except the part where I GOT CALLED UP ON STAGE. That just might be my biggest fear, and it came to life! I guess I should've expected it, considering we sat on the 4th row, and I was on the aisle. Anyway~ I guess I'll never forget that experience!!

The next day we ate breakfast at a cute litttle cafe in New York, NY, then headed out for more sightseeing, much to my crippled legs dismay.

At about 2pm we got a taxi back to the airport and flew home. I can honestly say I wasn't sad to leave. Besides the fact that I was crippled, I missed Amelia SO much, and we were poor. ;)

Viva Las Vegas!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's finally done!! (well, almost)

-Posted by Jonathan

I know all of you know how long Kari and I have been working on the basement bathroom, but I finally got the motivation I needed to move the upstairs sink to the basement, and it came in the form of four missionaries! We had always said that moving the sink would be the "kickoff" to starting the upstairs, so I guess we're starting. Here are some pictures to remind you all just how bad the bathroom area was before, and I will try to show them in a was/now format.

I think things look a lot better, but the mirror situation is still being debated. I was thinking about mounting the full length mirror, you can see it next to the sink, sideways just below the window giving the room a panoramic look, and I am going to build an inset cubby of sorts for hanging towels to the left of the shower, and some shelves above the toilet inspired by Kirsta's work at John and Linda's guest bathroom. I know you've seen it step by step when you have visited but with the sink in and some hardware and towels hanging, I just think it feels so comfortable. Now on to the next one...


Friday, March 11, 2011

Round 2

Jonathan and I couldn't be happier to announce that we're PREGNANT! I found out a couple weeks ago kind of by fluke, but then I promptly ordered this:

We used Amelia to announce it to my parents and both sides of Jonathan's family. It was cute to watch peoples' confused expressions as they read the shirt for the first time without any warning.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound, and everything is looking great so far. There's nothing more exciting than seeing that tiny fluttering heartbeat inside your little bean. I am 9 weeks along tomorrow, which makes my due date October 16th. It's going to be a long, hot, FAT summer. :)

So be prepared for lots of pregnancy posts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The big bang theory

The other night I went over to my friend Kristie's house to get my hair done. It looks AMAZING and I love love love it! So, thank you SO much Kristie, for making me feel 100 times better about myself! (I don't have any pictures of it yet, sorry.)

Anyway~ that's not what this post is about. While I was at her house, I got a text from Jonathan that said, "Sooo, I was looking at Amelia's hair and I decided she needed bangs. Only, I've never cut bangs before." Those were literally his exact words. Mind you, this is from the guy that I've asked more than once if I could take her to the salon and get her hair trimmed and he said no. Also, I was GETTING MY HAIR DONE AS HE'S WRITING THIS! What the heck?!?! I was freaking out a little. It turned out ok, and honestly, you can't really even tell they're there, except that now her hair doesn't hang all over her face, which is nice. Here are a couple pictures, although it's probably more noticeable when her hair is in piggies but I haven't gotten one of that yet.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm "Bike" in the saddle again...

Last year I got a great deal on Craigslist for a child carrier seat for Jonathan's bike so he could take Amelia on rides. We thought she was still a little too young for it last year, and also I don't even think they sell bike helmets that small, but since it's starting to get nice outside Jonathan decided to hook it up! They took a trip to Wal-Mart together to get her a helmet and some (unexpected) sunglasses:

That day, and almost every day since then, they've gone on a bike ride together! It's so cute to hear Amelia run into the garage to greet Jonathan when he gets home from work and yell, "Bak, bak!" (That's "bike, bike" for any of you that didn't catch on.)

Well, as much as it was really great to have them go on a short ride every evening so I could finish making dinner, I was feeling a little left out of the fun. Here was our solution to that problem:

A bike for Kari! Yay! Isn't that the cutest bike you ever did see?! I love it! And the best part about it was our family bike ride tonight :) Hopefully many more to come in the warm Spring evenings.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An apple a day..

Amelia loves apples, which she calls, "Hap." We usually cut them into slices and cute the skin off, but the other night she just wanted the whole thing. No slices, all skin.