Monday, September 20, 2010

Houston, we have a walker!

Amelia is walking! Yay! She still does the "Frankenstein" walk right now, but she's getting better every day. Now, when she falls down, she gets right back up to walking, instead of crawling the rest of the way. Pretty exciting new steps in her life (pun intended).
She also knows how to go down the stairs, which is nice because no more baby gate! The other night while I was doing the dishes and Jonathan was busy, she went downstairs, got her favorite stick of chapstick, and came right back up! How funny.

We've also been working on her signs. It's pretty cute that all day every day she signs bath time, because she SO loves her baths. Even though she only gets one every other day, she'll sign it while we're driving and stuff. Haha. Maybe when it gets colder we'll take more.

Remember when she had tons of hair, and as she got older everything started to fall out except the middle mowhawk?? Well, we finally put it in a ponytail, and look how long it is!

If those videos don't work, could someone please tell me how to upload videos so they do work?! Thanks :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Many Adventures Of Patrick Jacobs

As I mentioned in my last blog, Kirsta and Joe came down to stay with us this past weekend for Labor Day. Unfortunately, Jonathan doesn't get Labor Day off work so we had to cram all the fun into one day. First, we went to the Colorado State Fair and checked out lots of animals:




And cows

After that we came home and ate dinner, then headed out to City Park, which has rides going every night during the summer from 5-9 pm for only 50 cents! Sadly, we discovered these rides about a week after Kirsta and Joe had left last time, so I was DYING for Patrick to come back before they were closed. There's a train and a carousal that adults can ride with the kids, but all the other rides are kids only and they have to be at least 2 years old, which excludes Amelia from doing anything fun. So, Patrick was my go-to guy!

On the train

Ferris Wheel

These little cars just went around and around

More car rides

The carousal

I went on the roller coaster with him, and afterwards he said, "That was NOT a fun ride!" Lol.

As always, we had a great time with the Jacobs!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


As Amelia gets older, she is figuring out how to get into stuff. I mean, REALLY get into stuff. We used to be OK if things were in their boxes, but now she knows how to open the box and get into whatever is in there. I thought I would share a few examples:

She has a yeast infection right now, so the Doctor told us to get women's Monistat cream and use it on her like diaper rash cream. Well, women's yeast infection treatment kits come with injection tubes, which we of course are not using on her, but they still came in the box.. She found them:

The only thing in the kitchen that we put baby locks on were the cupboards under the sink because there are some chemicals under there. I didn't want locks on the rest of them because when I am cooking dinner she likes to be in there with me but I'd rather have her playing with stuff than whining at me to pick her up. Well, until now. She learned how to get into boxes of food, such as:


Today she found the bag of straws:

We bought her a set of fridge magnets so she could have something to entertain herself, and she absolutely loves to "rake" them all on to the floor, which then just leaves me with another mess. So, what's the verdict? Do I baby proof and listen to the whining, or just keep myself busy picking up a lot of messes??