Monday, July 26, 2010

My favorite Bear Lake memories

Since everyone was there, and I believe we all have the same pictures, I'm just going to post a few of my favorites.

Amelia eating cookies

Ba and Na-Na
Food for the birds!
A walk along the beach
Sam, Haley and Jonathan catching some air
By far the most funny play I have Ever seen! I wish they would've had it on DVD.
World's largest pizza
What a doll

This one makes me laugh because it looks like she is thinking, "HOT!"

Family photo

I love this picture of Mom
Aw, Gee.
What a wonderful vacation! If I could wake up every morning to that view, it would be a wonderful world. Can't wait until next year!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The bathroom so far...

I know you are all DYING to see pictures of how the bathroom is coming along. :) Although we are trucking right along, we laugh at ourselves for thinking this was going to be a weekend project. We are SOOO grateful that Joe was able to come help Jonathan with the hard stuff, like re-wiring the lights and building new walls, and it has been really fun for me to be able to get in there and help with the not-to-hard stuff like painting. This past weekend Jonathan's Aunt Rhonda volunteered to come help us lay the tile, so things are starting to really fall into place and look amazing. I will start the pictures in order from the VERY beginning of the bathroom, even though I think most of you have seen the bathroom in person. Just a refresher.

This is standing outside the door to the whole room. The chunk that's missing out of the wall was from when Jonathan moved our couches downstairs. Oops.

How the washer and dryer were placed

Standing at the washer/dryer looking at the bathroom door

How the toilet looked

The old floor

Starting over..

After lots of demo, Joe lays concrete for the new shower base.

Floor is gone, toilet is gone, lots of tools.

Joe built 2 new small walls to install bi-fold doors, (as seen on the middle right) and they installed "green-board" drywall, which is mold resistant, for the ceiling, along with new can lights and a fan.

After lots and lots of drywall patches and mudding, there was a small hang-up when we realized that you have to texture new drywall. We cleared the place out, Jonathan textured and we painted!

This is the new room for the washer and dryer, which will be closed off by bi-fold doors.

On to tiling..

Laying it down.. these were about the only full tiles that were laid. The rest had be cut.. poor Rhonda having to measure and cut them all! I got the easy job of laying them down :)

All done setting the tiles


Here I am, grouting away

The tile as it looks right this very minute.. I'm going to clean it off a few more times and then we're going to seal it.

There it is folks! I hope you can even understand what is going on in these pictures. Definitely more to come. I'll even do a fun Before and After blog of all the different key elements. Ta ta for now!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I know we did! We (Jonathan, Melody and Tom) worked some more on the bathroom remodel, (pictures soon to come) and then we went to Jonathan's Aunt Sue's house for a barbecue. Not to forget, of course, the reason for the holiday, and remembering all of our service men and women, but especially Karl.

I laid Amelia down in the grass, expecting her to roll right over and hop right up. She stayed there for about 15 minutes!

Playing with Grandpa!