Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's a...

GIRL!!! Yay! Here's the money shot to prove it:

When they gave me this shot of Amelia I thought, "Really? You can't even see anything!" So I was pretty convinced it could still be a boy, until I saw an ultrasound of a boy. Then I knew that nothing in between those legs execpt some little white lines meant a girl. Here are 2 other pictures they took:

A cute little foot

The profile, with her little hand up by her ear. This little stinker would NOT show us her face, until the very end when we saw her open her little mouth, and then go back into hiding.

And here's a picture of me that Jonathan took the other night while I was reading my new cookbook. He walked right up to me and held the camera in my face and I never even noticed! Haha.

Of course my belly doesn't look that big when I'm standing up but you get the idea.

So, now that I have 1000 baby girl names picked out that I love, it's time to start convincing Jonathan that Abigail is too popular, and he needs to move on and listen to some of my ideas! :) :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smart Moves

Every day, Amelia is doing so many more things that make her seem SO smart. For instance, she can count to 10, she can tell you her first and last name, and the names of almost all her cousins, and literally ANY word you say to her she will at least attempt to repeat, most of the time very clearly. I'm loving this stage because she's so easy to communicate with and the tantrums are at a minimum. However, while she IS doing so many things that are so great, she is still a toddler. And she reminds me of this when she does things like eat a pre-filled stamp:

The joys.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bullets and pictures

This post is an update of what's going on, and then some pictures if you don't care. :)

*This Wednesday is my birthday. I'm not too thrilled about that. I think over the years I've adopted my mom's excitement about birthdays, which is none at all. I'll be 26, which just means I'm getting older, and that I only have 3 more years until I stick to that age for the next 20 years. :)

*Tuesday the 31st we get to find out what gender our baby is! YAY! I've already been thinking so much about names and how we're going to decorate their room, that everything will just fall into place once we find out. Cross your fingers that it decides to show in between it's legs, or we'll be in a world of confusion.

*The next day I get a filling in my teeth. I'm excited only because it's the tooth that bothers me the most with this pregnancy gingivitis I've got going on. It's on the top in the very back of my mouth, so it's really hard to get to for flossing and brushing, but since it's the tooth I chew with the most it gets the most food stuck in it, therefore causing it to ache ALL the time. Quite frustrating. Hopefully the filling will help some.

*The weekend of June 4-5 we're going to Denver to celebrate our anniversary at the Botanic Gardens. Of course there will be pictures to show you after that.

*On June 15th we're going to Junction for my friend Emily Rhodes wedding. I'll have the honor of doing her makeup, which I'm so excited about! It should be a great time, and of course going to GJ is always fun.

Now pictures:

She was REALLY into this frisbee yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa Phelps house

She doesn't mind sitting on her potty when she's fully clothed! Naked is a different story

Mama's glasses

We just got her lion back from a friend and she was really into it!

I just thought this was cute

Until next time!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Early Birthday

While we were in Grand Junction and Amelia was being so clingy I thought I was going to pull all my hair out, it seemed like the one thing she would leave my side for was to play in this little house of her cousin Kalena's:

I had told my mom that since she loved it so much that's what we wanted them to buy Amelia for her birthday in August. So, my mom sent me home with some money and instructions to buy it for her now so she was able to play in it all summer. And so we did. And she loves it here just as much as she did in Junction.

She's saying, "Boo!" out the window.

Jonathan even wrote her a letter!

To stick in her mailbox.

Happy early birthday to Amelia! Love, Grandma and Grandpa Gustavson.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

17 weeks

I am now 17 weeks pregnant. Sure seems like more than that. I went to the doctor today for my monthly check-up. She said everything looks and sounds great, except that I'm gaining my weight too fast. She said, "You're going to be mad at me when you get to 40 pounds." I said, "Well I did gain 40 with my 1st pregnancy." And she said, "Not this fast you didn't!" Which is true. I've gained 7 pounds in the last 6 weeks and that's no bueno for this early. I'm going to go ahead and blame that on Easter candy and spending 10 days out of town. :) When we listened to the baby's heartbeat I asked her to tell me if the beats per minute were of a boy or a girl and she said a girl! Yay. But then she said that really means nothing, and it could be either. Dang. But then she told me to look at the Chinese calender to predict gender because it's 65% accurate, so tonight I did that, and it said a girl! Yay. I'm sure soon enough I'll get the public's opnion about how I'm carrying or if I look fat from behind to predict which gender I'm having. Can't wait for that. ;) I would post my 16 week picture for you guys, but it still looks like I'm arching my back a little bit, so I'll spare you for a couple more weeks. For now, check out how cute Amelia is on her new tricycle:

Also, for all you Grand Junctioners, Amelia constantly sits on my lap and says, "pony, pony, pony, whoaaaaaa!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

Home again, home again

Whew, what a crazy 2 weeks it's been. A couple weeks ago we had gotten a couple e-mails from my Dad saying that my Grandma Gustavson's health was quickly declining. Of course, with all these crazy pregnancy hormones I've got goin' on right now I was a huge emotional mess, so I decided I better go to Junction to have one last hurrah with her and see my family for a little peace of mind. Well, Jonathan had a store manager meeting to go to in Denver 2 weeks ago Wednesday and Thursday, so I thought I'd go with him to spend a couple days at Kirsta's house and then continue on to Junction for said hurrah. Well, I sure got my last hurrah. I arrived in Junction at 2pm on Friday, and at 4pm Grandma Gustavson died. Yep, just like that. Pretty crazy and fast and unexpected, but she's gone. :( I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she's in heaven being so nice and kind-hearted to everyone, which was something she was often unable to achieve here on Earth. Love you Grandma!

Grandma told me that "Amanda" was her favorite :)

Hawaii 2008

While the loss of Grandma was sad, funerals are always great because they bring people together. It was so much fun to get to spend a few days with all my Aunts and Uncles and their families, and of course seeing Karl was awesome. It was a great trip, and now we're back to normal life.