Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas #1

We had our first Christmas last night with Melody, Tom, Jeff, Whitney, and Justin; and Santa came!

Santa sure brought us lots of goodies!

Kari and Jonathan just can't contain their excitement

Obviously, neither can Justin :)

Everyone got to open lots of really great gifts..

Including Amelia!

After all the wonderful food and fun, it was time for me to say goodbye to my beloved Eclipse.

A sad day for me, but I know that helping family out is the most important thing and hey, Tis the season :)

We had a very Merry first Christmas of the season, and can't wait for more to come! Jonathan and I will go to Colorado Spring on Wednesday to spend time with Doug and Denise, then we will have our own mini Christmas on Thursday. I leave for Junction early Friday morning, and of course Christmas Day will be spent at the Gustavson house. See you all soon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

4 Months!

Amelia Bedilia is 4 months old now, and that means another doctor visit and 4 more shots! :( Poor girl. Last time was a very tragic event for Jonathan and I because we had never heard her cry like that before. Luckily, (I guess), this time she was an hour overdue for a nap and VERY cranky by the time they came to do the shots so the crying from the shots was just a small addition to the screaming she was already doing. Then I nursed her and she went right to sleep. Now we just have to keep her doped up all day long. She weighs 14 lbs and is 24 inches long, which keep her in the 50th percentile. I love my little petite girl!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tree Time

It's my favorite time of year, preparing for Christmas! I love getting the tree, shopping, putting up lights (if it's not too cold) and eating lots of junk! I have done ALL of those things in the last few days. Yesterday we made the trek out into the cold to pick a tree from a nice lot :) we're not adventurous enough to get out and hack one down ourselves yet. I decorated it with the few ornaments Jonathan and I have bought for each other and the 2 "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments we got this year from Amelia's Grandma's. I think it's beautiful. Another great thing about the holidays is that now our house smells like pine.

In other news, Amelia is 4 months old tomorrow! Wow. She has now rolled over front to back 3 times on her own! Yay for her! We love playing dress up with her and all her cute winter sweaters, and can't wait to come home in 16 days so you all can love it too! :)

Jonathan and Amelia picking the perfect tree

Loving her Johnny Jumper

Cute as a button

The tree with the lights