Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amelia the mother

The other morning we had just gotten done eating some toast for breakfast and the 3 of us girls went to sit in the chair in the living room and read books. At one point I looked down at Amelia and smiled and she just stared at me for a minute and then said, "Umm, you have someding wight dere." And pointed at my tooth. WAIT, did my 2 year old just tell me I had toast in my teeth?! Yep. A few minutes later Addilyn started to fuss and she said, "Be patient, sister!" Which is what I'm always telling Amelia to do. Another minute later we started playing peek-a-boo. Amelia would put her blanket over Addilyn's face, Addilyn would start talking up a storm, then Amelia would take the blanket off and yell "Peek-a-boo" and Addilyn would get this huge grin on her face. That lasted about 6 rounds and in one particularly talkative turn Amelia said, "She's freaking out, Mom!" Haha. What a hoot she is these days. If only I wrote down all the crazy things she says throughout the day. Maybe I'll have to start.

We moved!

Tricked ya. We did move, but just to our basement. We got an idea the other day that it would be good to have the girls rooms both upstairs so they could be close to each other and share that bathroom, and it would work better as a guest bathroom anyway since it's on the main floor. Jonathan and I like the bathroom in the basement better because it's bigger and warmer (because there's no window), plus the water heater is in it so the water in the shower stays hotter longer. In the four years we've lived here I've never wanted our room to be in the basement, until the other day, and then it sounded like the greatest idea ever. The room has carpet, which I love! I thought the hard wood floors made our room so cold. When we were upstairs I had my closet in our room and Jonathan's closet was in Amelia's room, but downstairs there are 2 closets (that we had full of storage) so now all our stuff is in OUR room. So far it's wonderful, and I can't really see that changing anytime soon. Let's just not have any more kids while we're in this house, because we're out of space! :)

Here are some before and after pictures.

The view from the door (excuse the mess)

A little to the left

A little more to the left

And here's what it looks like now:

View from the door. Changing table, cradle, dresser.

A little to the left is the guest bed.

I'd like to thank my wonderful husband for playing along with my wild hairs and moving all this heavy furniture up and down the stairs with little to no help from me.

Now if Addilyn would sleep through the night so I could quit walking up and down the stairs all night that would be great!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The big 33

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! Yesterday, that is. Nothing too exciting went on, just a regular Monday. He worked, I made a trip to Walgreens to make him this:

He thought it was the COOLEST thing in the whole world, because he'd never seen one, and then I had to ruin it by telling him that I'd made one before. Dang, should have stuck to the, "I just made up this entire concept this morning. How clever am I?!" Anyway~ he's a candy lover, so that should hold him over for a little while. Then our friend came over and brought us 2 pies, and then we settled in to watch The Bachelor. Exciting times.

Many more happy years to come, Jonathan!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


On Jan 8th we had Addilyn's blessing at church. Jonathan gave it to her, which was so wonderful. We didn't have any of my family in town (sad!) but his mom and Tom were able to come, so that was great!

Here she is in her beautiful blessing dress, which was actually MY blessing dress as a baby, and if you'll remember, Amelia wore it too!

For a refresher, here's Amelia wearing it. Holy crap she looks like Jonathan!!

Anyway~ the running joke of the blessing was that Jonathan said, "May you be a good sister. Both a younger sister (looooooong pause) and an older sister." So after the blessing was over my friend turned around and said, "Well, I guess you guys are having 3 kids!" :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phelps/ Norwood Family Pictures

Seriously, are you guys sick of us getting our pictures taken yet?? Haha. Hopefully not, because Amelia and Addilyn will be getting more taken this week.

Anyway~ for one of Melody and Tom's Christmas presents we got them a family photo session. We thought this would be a great gift since, in the 5 years that they've been married, they have never had a shoot! And you all know that Jonathan and I get one about every 6 months. :) It worked out perfectly since Jeff and Whitney were in town from Boston this past week. My friend Tara took them for us down at the train station and I think they turned out great!

Grandma and Grandpa Norwood

Jonathan's older brother, Justin

Jonathan's younger brother, Jeff and his girlfriend (of 5 years) Whitney

That's us

Mama Melody and her sons

All the girlies

I hope you enjoyed. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

60 degrees and a snowman

While I was in Grand Junction there was a huge snow storm here. This is what it looked like at our house:

So, you can imagine that even with the nice weather that followed, it took a while to melt. In fact, I think we still have some in our yard where there isn't much sun. Anyway~ a couple weeks later we were over at Melody and Tom's house and they still had a small patch of snow in their yard, even though the reason we were outside was because it was gorgeous and Amelia was playing on her swing set. Well, they got to playing in the little bit of snow that was there and decided to make a snowman. Tell me what you notice about this next picture:

Melody is wearing a tank top! Haha. I'm telling you, it was gorgeous outside. Obviously the snow was still cold so they had to wear gloves to make the snowman but we laughed about how weird the Colorado weather is.

What a beauty.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


For those of you who know Amelia personally, you know that she is VERY attached to her 2 blankets that Grandma Denise made her. Jonathan is a little worried that she'll want to take them to college with her. I say who cares if she does? Well, he does. Anyway~ that's not the point. The point is that the other morning she wanted to snuggle on my bed, under her blankets, with baby sister! A first for the sharing of the blankets so of course I had to take pictures.

This is a great step considering that a couple weeks ago her blanket was in the baby's swing and we were all sitting down to dinner so I put Addilyn in the swing, on top of the blanket, and Amelia immediately burst out crying.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The greatest thing happened the other day! I made Addilyn giggle! How, you ask? I snorted at her, of course. :) Works every time. Jonathan even caught it on video and it was so cute. And then Amelia deleted the video. DANG IT. So of course I've been trying to get her to giggle every day since then and catch it on video again. Then last night Amelia was just randomly playing with her and she was loving it! Check it out:

So, while I mourn the loss of the first video, this one is still pretty cute.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm back!

Well that month flew by, didn't it? Now it's 2012, and we'd better make it a good year just in case the world ends in December. Jonathan and I aren't the kind of people who make New Years resolutions because we think that just sets you up for disappointment and guilt. It's like saying you'll eat healthy your entire pregnancy, and then realize that pregnancy is a freaking long time and that Taco Bell and ice cream just sound SO good. We're just hoping for a great year with a happy and healthy family.

Our Christmas was wonderful, thanks for asking. Here's an ironic story: People had been asking us for a while what we wanted for Christmas. We were having SUCH a hard time coming up with anything, and I felt bad asking for stuff just to get stuff, ya know? Anyway, our computer had been having some problems like randomly shutting off and taking FOREVER to load anything. So, we had thought about asking for a gift card toward a new computer. Well, when my dad came to visit in October he changed a few of the settings and Jonathan did a whole computer restore, and then everything was all better. No more gift card needed. Except when we returned home from Grand Junction on the 27th, our computer wouldn't turn on. Nada. It ended up being the battery pack (thanks Brian, for helping us!) which wasn't too bad, but I guess we should've asked for a $60 Best Buy gift card. Haha.

Here are a few recent pictures to keep you guys interested:

Grandma with the magic touch of ALWAYS putting her to sleep

Me and the girls all in pink

My new quilt made by Melody. She actually made it a few years ago and I've had my eye on it ever since. I would've been devastated if she'd given it away!

I'm going to post an entire album of Christmas pictures on facebook, so if you're just dying to see more, go check them out on there! Happy New Year!