Monday, August 30, 2010

Wonderful weekend

We had a GREAT weekend around here. Eric called last week and said he needed to take a class here in Pueblo so he was going to come stay a night with us. In the 2 1/2 years we've lived here he had never seen our house! He got here Friday afternoon and then had class that night and again on Saturday morning. Amelia and I met up with him (he?) and Jonathan for the Saturday Taco Bell lunch ritual. After that I got in touch with Chrystal (from Grand Junction) who was in town for the Colorado State Fair. We met up at 1:30 to walk around the Fair, which was a really bad idea becuase it was 95 degrees out and lugging a baby around in that kind of heat is not my idea of fun. But, she invited me back that night to go to the Blake Shelton concert with her family because they happened to have an extra ticket. I got to go back that night babyless, in the cool night air. Wonderful. The next morning we met up with her family for a Cracker Barrell breakfast, went to church, and then got our house ready to have a BBQ for the Bed Bath and Beyond management. That lasted from about 4-8:30 on Sunday night and the weekend was over! Whew. This week I have something planned with friends every day, including Kirsta and Joe coming to stay for Labor Day weekend on Friday! The fun just never stops around here... Until it gets cold again and I become a shut-in. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


First, my apologizes for not blogging in so long. It's not that I forget, and actually my guilt for not blogging grows with each passing day. It just seems to me that 99% of my readers are at any activity worth blogging about, and then I just feel like I'm being redundant. I think what I need to do is start writing about the "small" things in life, and trying to capture more day-to-day things on camera.

Anyway~ the month of August has had it's ups and downs around here. On the 4th Amelia turned 1!! I of course knew that it was coming, but on that day I finally realized that I am the Mom of a 1 year old! Seriously, where did the time go?? I feel like it was yesterday when my mom was here visiting and she told me to just make it through the first 6 weeks and then it would get better. Well, 6 weeks have passed, and then another 46 weeks! Wow. We had a BBQ at our house for our Pueblo/Springs friends and family on her birthday, and then that weekend we went to Denver for a celebration with the Gustavson side (and Joe's Mom) at Water World and Kirsta's house.

This is the cake I made her This is the new swimsuit we bought her for Water World That was a great week/weekend. The following Wednesday was her 1 year Dr. appointment. She woke up that morning with a fever, so we found it pretty handy that we were on our way to the Dr. When we got there they checked her all out and couldn't find anything wrong, assumed it was just teething and we decided to give her her shots. I wouldn't say that giving her shots that day was a mistake, but the teething combined with a stomach bug (which we found out later that night, which is what was causing the fever), combined with the shots, whose effects didn't show up for 7-10 days, has made this a LONG week and a half for us. There's been high fevers, low fevers, never-ending fevers, throwing up, crying (on both our parts after the throw up:) ), LOTS of whining and therefore lots of Tylenol, skin rashes and the worst diaper rash I've seen, and many sleepless nights. I guess these are the joys of parenthood.

Today seems to be the start of things looking up. The fever is gone and she seems to be getting back to her normal, happy self. Please cross your fingers for me that she stays this way, at least until her next tooth. :)

On a happier note, Amelia LOVES fruit. Such as:
Watermelon And peaches, fresh off our tree! She also signed "all done" for about a week and now she just wants to say it. Any time of the day you say it to her, this is what she does: Mostly it just sounds like "Aaaaaaa daaaa."

I guess that's all for today. :)