Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jonathan and I just recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary! I seriously can't belive the amount of "life" we've packed in to the last 4 years! Whew.  Of course we took our annual trip back to the Botanic Gardens to reminiss about the day and try to explain to Amelia what marriage is. Toooootally over her head. :)

I know you all really want to see the timeline so here you go: ;)

Year 0:
 Year 1- unfortunately it was raining so we hurried and just took one of fat ol' me alone.

Year 2: Our small but happy family
Year 3: Pregnant with Addilyn
Year 4: Our growing family

Happy 4 years to us! Many more happy years to come!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pickle Monster

Here's a conversation I had a couple weeks ago with Addilyn's Pediatrician:

Me: Addilyn is always reaching for my food, and I tend to give it to her. Can you give me a list of foods that I should NOT feed her?
Ped: Strawberries.
Me: Oops
Ped: Peanut butter
Me: Oops
Ped: Eggs
Me: Oops
Ped: Any dairy
Me: Including yogurt?
Ped: Yes
Me: Oops

I guess I was a little late in asking her.  Luckily, and oddly enough, the only thing Addilyn ever had a slight reaction to was applesauce. Who would've thought?  Anyway~ It's only with this second child that I'm realizing my grocery bill may increase someday. Amelia still eats like a bird.

Yummy strawberry!

I thought I would play a joke on her and give her a dill pickle spear, but she chowed the whole thing down without even a sour face!

I love that she eats, but sometimes I love not having to sit Amelia down for 3 meals a day and cook a large meal.  I guess we'll see how these girls both do over time.