Saturday, June 5, 2010

Year #2

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Jonathan took the weekend off so we could relax together, and today we drove to Denver for our annual tradition of going to the botanic gardens. We got a new Dyson vacuum for our gift to ourselves, then we had a wonderful lunch at Red Robin, which we don't have the pleasure of having in Pueblo. We then spent the afternoon walking around the gardens reminiscing about our wedding. What a wonderful life.

Here's a look back:



Here are some more cute shots from today:

Happy Baby Lady

Daddy explaining the flowers and the trees

Beautiful flowers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


There's a first time for everything, and with kids, firsts are happening all the time. This post isn't about a first that we're proud of, or one that we're even happy about. It's about Amelia's first owie. We went to a Memorial Day BBQ at my friend Stevie's house and she had set up a little kiddie pool. Amelia wasn't too fond of it because it was cold, but she liked to walk around the edge of it so only her feet were wet. Well, her foot slipped out from under her and she did a nose-dive onto the cement. :( It was sad. She only cried for about 30 seconds though, until I got her the sippy cup and then she was good. Here's the aftermath:

It was very sad when it happened, but now she just looks like the trashy kid when we go out because she's all banged up.. Ahh, kids. :)