Tuesday, December 4, 2012


For a couple of recent family home evenings we thought it would be fun to do some classic crafting projects with Amelia. Mostly it turns out that Jonathan does all the work and Amelia eats all the candy. Dang.  Maybe she's still a little too young. Next project I think will involve less candy and more crayons, although no promises that she won't eat those.

For Thanksgiving we made apple turkeys:

Then last night Amelia was SO excited to build a gingerbread village that a friend gave us. I think the next gingerbread house we'll make is when she's about 10.  Seriously, we might as well have put a bowl of candy in front of her and called it a night. :)  Anyway~ it turned out pretty cute!

                                                                     Working hard ;)
So proud of "her" village"

Happy Holidays!