Friday, September 19, 2008


I just wanted to let everyone out there know how AWESOME it is to be able to eat whatever I want! As most of you know, I'd had some variation of stomach pain for about the past 7 years. Wow! More recently it was happening every day, no matter what I ate or when I ate it. How frustrating. So, as I was on my lunch break today, thoroughly enjoying my pepperoni hot pocket and my diet pepsi, both of which I had given up, I got to thinking about how good life is ever since I got my gallbladder taken out. It is SO nice not to ever have to think about what I'm eating, what I cook for Jonathan and I, what I put on my sandwich or salad, or anything!! I will never again take for granted something as small as a pepperoni. :) Just thought you all should know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never underestimate

Well, as you all saw in a previous blog, Jonathan built us a cd tower. When it was all completed we were standing there talking about it and Jonathan said, "I know it's big but we'll just leave shelves at the bottom open and we'll have room to expand!" Little did we know, Jonathan has quite the collection of cd's!! Here's a picture of the cd tower today. They are all split up by category and then in alphabetical order. Note: all the cd's still sitting on the floor. And if you've ever seen his DVD collection, it is much the same.

I guess cd tower number 2 isn't too far in the future.

Rockies game!

A couple months ago Joe and Kirsta invited us to go to a Rockies game with them, and yesterday was finally the day!! It was so much fun!! It was my first professional baseball game experience, which made it more exciting for me, but everyone had a good time. We were a little worried that it would be cold, since the weather around here hasn't been very nice :( the last couple days/weeks, and the game didn't start until 6:30 pm. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful night, with only sweatshirts required. It was a quick trip up (or down for Kirsta and Joe) to Denver and back, but with good reason.
A view from our seats

Kirsta, PJ and I

PJ in his Spify new jacket

Thanks for the tickets guys!!

Jonathan and I

Although the Rockies lost 11 to 4, it was a great time!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jonathan the woodworker

One of the most common things I hear Jonathan say is "I need to go to Lowe's to get..." I'm pretty sure Lowe's is his favorite store. One of the most common things is likes to get there is wood to build things. He's always thinking of different shelving units we could use, whether it's for the cd's, DVD's, inside our pantry, in the bathroom, anywhere! So a few weeks ago he bought some wood that's been sitting in his workshop, and then he told me that on his day off this week he was going to go to Lowe's to buy more wood! I told him that maybe one project at a time would be good enough so he jumped right on it! All of you know that I have never been a crafty person, so it is absolutely amazing to me that in two days Jonathan was able to take some random (but well thought out I guess) pieces of wood and make us a beautiful cd rack for our office. I sat in his workshop all last night with him and watched him drill, saw, staple, and screw it all together, but unfortunetly, did not think to take any pictures until the very end. So, here is Jonathan finishing the top board.

And here is the final product!

And a side view :)

Someday we will have a house full of furniture by Jonathan!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Quality family time

Sunday afternoon at our house we had a BBQ!! It was so much fun. Joe had taken Patrick to Wal-Mart early that morning while we were all sleeping for some entertainment and he brought home 8 T-bone steaks!! We should send Joe to Wal-Mart more often! So, that afternoon we invited Jonathan's mom and step-dad over to visit with us and our visitors. Although the steaks, sweet potatos, beans, peach cobbler and homemade ice cream was a great treat for my tummy, Jonathan and I agreed that there's not much better than being surrounded by friends and family all day. We are so blessed to be close to his family and have ours close enough to come visit. Here are some pictures of everyone.

Melody And Tom

The Jacobs Family

Aly and Justin

My favorite nephew named PJ. He is so big and cute and fun these days. Love him.

Us on the front steps.

Jonathan and I, loving every minute of it.

State Fair 08

I don't know if you guys heard, but this past week Pueblo has been the place to be!! It's home to the Colorado State Fair! So, we invited people to our house to check it out. Kirsta, Joe, Patrick, and my old friend Aly arrived on Friday night, just in time for dinner. That night, as a tribute to my Grandma Gustavson we played a good old fashion game of Oh Heck! I was in the lead until Aly swept in on the last play and beat me. Shucks. Anyway~ then on Saturday afternoon the boys wanted to go see some Monster Trucks!! Boys will be boys.

Big ol' truck!

The boys

They had a great time, being boys and enjoying yummy fair food like fried snickers and fried Oreos. They had a couple hour intermission and that night Aly, Justin, Jonathan and I went to the Sugarland Concert. It was SO much fun. I think I enjoyed it the most because a couple weeks ago I bought their new cd so I knew every song. In the middle of the concert Aly and I decided that we should've only bought 3tickets and made it a girls concert. Unfortunately, I bought the tickets months ago and we stuck to our original plan.

Here are the 4 of us with our tickets.

The lead singer Jennifer Nettles. Cutie.

Those were the only two times we made it over to the fairgrounds, which is kind of funny since we live in the neighborhood right next to it. Maybe next year we'll go for more. As of these year, I'm very pleased my first experience at the Colorado State Fair.