Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wah wah wah

Well, all your hopes and dreams of me blogging more now that I have a laptop have gone out the window.  I've concluded that the real reason I don't blog anymore is because I don't have anything to say.  I mean, a lot goes on in our life, but I tell people about it in other ways than blogging.  Most people I know have Facebook and I write some updates on there.  My brother who doesn't have Facebook has Instagram so he sees my life in pictures, and I don't think he read my blog anyway.  My sister and my In-laws who don't have/check facebook live in the same city as me and don't need to read my blog to hear our stories.  My parents gets plenty of pictures/texts/phone calls from me to hear/see everything that we're up to.  Therefore, my blog is pretty much null.  Now I'm stuck between not blogging and not really wanting to delete my blog.  I think I'll keep it for a while just in case there is a story that just HAS to be told on here.  Otherwise, I'll continue to get on every day and check other peoples' blogs! So keep posting. :)