Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pony Boy

Amelia just busted out the other night singing pony boy, which was so funny because it's not like we've been teaching it to her or anything. I thought it would make my dad proud :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amelia's Party

This past weekend we had a very eventful Saturday. We (I don't really know who "We" entails here) decided to have a baby shower for Baby Girl Phelps and Amelia's 2nd birthday party on the same day, AT MY HOUSE. Maybe a good idea, maybe a bad idea, either way, we did it. Unfortunately, I was feeling a little overwhelmed around the time that the baby shower started to I left all the picture taking up to Melody, and she prefers to use film, so you all will have to come to my house to see those pictures. :) Things had calmed down by the time Amelia's party was to start. Jonathan had come home from work, and we were only hosting family, which is less stressful to me than lots of friends. So I DID get lots of pictures of her party. The first one I'll post is of my friend Chrystal and I. Chrystal was actually the one who hosted my baby shower. It was very kind of her to want to do so, considering she lives in Glenwood Springs. Anyway~ even though this picture was taken at the b-day party, it's what we looked like for the shower. :)

And now here are some candids:

She LOVED those balloons, especially when they popped!

Grilling with Dad

Sweet Caroline

Yummy burgers

YUMMY soda

MegaBlocks from Elsha and Brian

Not too sure about this hat!

Where the Wild Things are from Grandma and Grandpa Gus

ADORABLE cake made by Grandma Melody


Jonathan and my gift to Amelia was this super cute trampoline. She was so eager to jump on it that this picture was taken before the protective walls were set up.

A new tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Phelps. She doesn't know how to pedal yet but she loves to be pushed around on it.

We also got her this big ball that you hook up to the hose and it squirts water.

After the party we decided to take all the kids over to Mom and Dad's hotel to go swimming. It was a good idea, until EVERY SINGLE time Amelia got water in her mouth she would choke and puke. Awesome. Also, she didn't understand that we weren't in bathtub-deep water so when we wouldn't let go of underneath her armpits she would throw a huge tantrum. It was fun times for us. At least Kirsta had fun with their kids!

Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful gifts and fun times! We are a well blessed family!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday and 29 weeks

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Miss Amelia! I seriously cannot believe she's 2! But if you ask her, she'll definitely tell you she's 2! Unless she's feeling extra frisky and she'll tell you she's 6 or 10. :) Her favorite songs to sing are wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle, and head shoulders knees and toes. She's finally to the point with movies that she'll sit for about 25 min by herself so I can get a few things done, but only with Monsters Inc. She hasn't wanted to branch out. She's a great talker, and can tell you everything she needs, which is SO nice! She's even starting to put 3 and 4 words together, like "I need help" or "I can't reach it" or "yes, I do." I don't have any stats on her until next Wednesday, but I'm sure she's fallen off the weight chart. She's our tiny lady. Although, today I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner and very seriously she said, "cake." haha.
Here she is doing one of her favorite things:


She scribbles a little and then says "Amelia Phelps" because that's what she thinks she wrote.

On my end of things, I am now 29 weeks along, and feeling great! I had a doctor visit yesterday and she told me I'm doing great! Yay. I've gained 18 lbs so far, so I'm right on track to gain less than 40 lbs this time, unless I get really crazy for the next 10 weeks. (Which I might, because unlike last pregnancy, all I want to eat are sweets.) I passed my glucose test, which is AWESOME! Dr. Kruse said the cutoff is 135 (whatever that means) and I was at 124, which boggles my mind that I failed last time! hmm. Also, I'm all paid off! I've been paying my delivery in increments and I paid the last one yesterday, which is such a relief that there won't be a huge bill a couple months down the road. I was very pleased with how everything went yesterday! Oh, except I shattered the back glass on my iPhone. :( :(
Anyway~ here I am.

That's all for now. It's going to be a busy weekend. Chrystal is coming in town tonight, my parents are coming tomorrow and then we're having a baby shower and a birthday party for Amelia on Saturday! I'm so excited for the festivities!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pregnancy pillows

I have no shortage of pregnancy pillows. I don't really know why, because it seems like no matter what you do when you're pregnant, you just don't sleep very well. The first one I bought was right when I found out I was pregnant with Amelia, and I think I was just anxious to buy stuff. It looks like this:

A small wedge. It didn't get too much use.

Later in my pregnancy with Amelia I wanted something more substantial and also that I could put between my knees. We bought a standard body pillow, like so:

Well, now that pillow sits on the back of our couch in the basement because the couch slouches so much you need some head support. Lots of good use out of that one. Then, and couple months ago Jonathan took a random trip to Wal-mart and came home with this one for me:

It was only $8, and since my body pillow was being used for something else, he figured I needed a new one. Well, I LOVE it! It's so comfy and I love that whenever I roll over in the night there's still pillow in the perfect position on the other side. Funny enough, many nights I would wake up to Jonathan sleeping on it with me! Anyway~ the other night when Jonathan got home he said, "Oh I bought you something today! It's a new pregnancy pillow!" He had said that it was a return at his store (Fully inspected to make sure it was gross in any way) and that they were going to donate it but then the other manager asked if one of the guys with a pregnant wife would want it. Jonathan bought it for $9, when they retail for $60! Anyway~ it sat in his car that night and then he set it next to the bed before he left for work, and when I woke up in the morning and saw it I just laughed because I was stuffed in one of those giant comforter bags! I thought, "This pillow is not messing around!" And it's NOT:

I don't know how big it looks to you guys, but it seriously take up more than half our bed. We're going to have to get a king size bed in order to have enough room! :) Just kiddding. But it's SO huge and SO overwhelming that I usually sleep with it until early morning and then throw it off the bed to get some space. And if it's too hot, forget it. It would be great, however, for a winter pregnancy because you'd be warm all night! It's also pretty amusing that I have to get on the bed at the end and the crawl into the space, because it's too heafty for me to just hop on over. So, if anyone needs to borrow a pregnancy pillow, you know who to come to!