Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crazy busy day

Often my days are pretty boring, but since Wednesday is Jonathan's day off we schedule all our "to-do's" for that day, which makes them pretty busy. Today was especially busy, and I'm just going to kill 3 birds with one stone here because we all know how bad I am at blogging.

We started our morning with Addilyn's 1 year doctor appointment.  Her stats are: Weight: 16.2 lbs, Height: 27 1/4 inches, and I don't remember her head circumference but I'll tell you that NONE of her stats are on the charts. Smallest 1 year old ever. Ha! I'm anxious to see how our next baby turns out.  Addilyn is as cute and fun as ever these days.  She loves to discover her voice and often screams at the top of her lungs for no reason. She's way louder than Amelia ever was.  She says "Hi' and loves to stand at the screen door whenever anyone leaves and say, "Bye Bye" about 100 times. She has signed "all done" a couple times, but not on a regular basis, so we're still working on that one, but I also realized that we don't really teach her any other signs, so we should probably get on that. She sleeps from 6pm to between 6-7am, which is amazing considering how Amelia always (still) sleeps, but Addilyn is a TERRIBLE napper, (1 nap a day for about 45 minutes) and I don't know which is worse. Again, we'll see how number 3 turns out.

Big sister, little sister shirts

We went straight from Addilyn's appointment to the bank so we could close on our loan for our new car!!  We knew that we would need a new car when the new baby came because I couldn't fit 3 car seats into my Hundai Sonata.  We went back and forth on a lot of different ideas and had done a lot of research on different options.  Jonathan was REALLY pushing me to get a minivan, which I understand the practicality of them, but I am SOOO not ready to be a minivan mom and honestly don't think I ever will be.  He was so into it though, that a couple weeks ago he approached me with "I have a proposition for you" and a million thoughts flooded my mind in about 1 minute. He said if I agreed to get a minivan that we could sell his Jeep to get it and he would drive the Hundai. Now, if any of you know Jonathan and his love affair with his Jeep, this was the shocking news of the century! Honestly I was speechless for about 10 minutes. So I'm just going to claim Best Husband of the Year for that one! Anyway~ on our 5 minute drive to Kirsta's house we noticed an Acura MDX parked in someones driveway with a for sale sign on it, and Jonathan happened to know that it had 3rd row seating. The night he made me his famous proposition I told him before we made any drastic decisions to just call on the Acura and see if it would be something we'd be interested in. We called and we were interested.  We test drove it and we were interested.  A few days later we made an offer and HE was interested! It all went relatively fast and today we sealed the deal. Now I'm the proud new owner of this:

Amelia has said 1,000 times, "I LOVE your pretty new car, Mom!"

After naps we gathered our belongings and met up with the Jacob's clan and headed to the pumpkin patch!

Got ourselves some good looking pumpkins to carve next week.  Addilyn slept through the whole thing, which was fine by me! Anything for a nap :)

What a wonderful day!! And now I have NOTHING to do tomorrow, lol. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Addilyn!

Addilyn is officially 1 year old today! I seriously cannot believe it.  As dumb as it sounds, it seems like a year of her life has passed but not of mine. How does that happen?! I guess it's a good thing that she's already 1 though, since we have another one on the way, and I'd hate for them to be TOO close together!

Anyway~ we had a party for her last weekend since that's when my parents were in town. Of course the weather all that week was in the high 70's, and the week after was the same, but the day of her birthday it was 40 degrees. Boo! So we moved the party inside, and were happy when people canceled at the last minute since our house only fits about, well, us. We served apple cider and crock pot hot cocoa (which sadly, I never tried) and Jonathan and Tom made these beauties:

                                                                            Big Bird

Oscar the Grouch
  Cookie Monster- this one is my fault because he was supposed to be made of blueberries and blackberries, but they were crazy expensive so I thought I could substitute- Wrong.

Not that Addilyn is into Sesame Street at all, actually she's never even seen it, but I saw these on Pinterest and thought it'd be a cute way to serve veggies.
Then of course we had cake:

I'm a little mad at myself.. My Dad's birthday just so happened to be the day after this party and he turned 61, so we made him a "6" cake and set it right next to this "1" cake, and for some reason I didn't get a picture of them together! Grr. Anyway~ happy birthday to you, too, Dad!

Of course Addilyn was spoiled rotten with clothes, books and toys, and her favorite gift of all- al bag full of squeezable baby food from the Jacobs clan!

Happy happy birthday to my baby (not for too much longer), "bubs".  We love you, Addilyn!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thoughts on a 3rd girl

IT'S ANOTHER GIRL!  Seriously, I'm baffled.  Not because I thought it was a boy, because from day one of this pregnancy I've said I just felt like it was a girl.  But all girls?! What are the odds?  When I was pregnant with Amelia we really wanted a boy, just because in the grand line up of all our kids we wanted the boy to be the oldest. Jonathan will never admit it but he was disappointed to find out it was a girl.  He had just envisioned his little buddy learning how to play sports and work on cars with him. That all changed as soon as Amelia was born, and within a couple weeks he told me that he wanted to have 3 girls.  So, it's all his fault.

Honestly, I'm terrified to raise girls.  I'm terrified to raise one girl, much less three! Yes, it's because of myself.  I was a horrible, awful person to my parents (and possibly some other people) from about age 12-22. That's a loooooong 10 years! And I don't consider myself naive to the ways of the world, and I know they're just getting worse, and I want to put my girls in a bubble until they're 25.  I really have to take a step back and think about all the girls I know that DIDN'T rebel like I did, and hope that my girls are like that!  Two people that come to mind are my sisters!  I'm going to be raising my girls on stories of the wonderful things that their aunties did. :)

On the other hand, I'm SO SO happy to have "my girls".  Of course I'm a tiny bit sad for Jonathan to not have gotten his little buddy, but if you've ever spent time with Jonathan and Amelia, I think he'd tell you that no boys are needed, because Amelia is the best buddy he always wanted.  I was a little worried that if we had a boy he would grow up very feminine since he'd be surrounded by girly things, so at least we don't have to worry about the third wheel! Also, how easy is it going to be to have another girl?! I mean, I know you all have seen how many girl clothes and toys we have.

I also consider this a service to my parents.  My siblings are seriously slacking on producing girls so we'll just have to make up for it.  This will be the 11th grandchild on the Gustavson side, and it will be the 5th girl. If it weren't for us, they'd be drowning in a sea of boys, and boys have cooties. HAHAHA.

Anyway~ here I am at 20 weeks:
And take my word when I tell you that I am WAY bigger at 20 weeks than I was with the other girls.  Oddly enough, I'm embracing it way better than I would think I would.  I think it's because I know it's my last time, and I'm just taking it all in. I feel great, and I'm LOVING the "new" winter maternity wardrobe from Elsha and Kirsta, since I've never had a winter pregnancy!