Friday, January 28, 2011


Thank goodness for beautiful weather! There's nothing quite like having this long, freezing winter broken up by a day of 70 degrees! Remember when this was Amelia "enjoying" her first trip to the park:

Well, here she was today.. No more baby Amelia!

And I didn't even touch her once! She did it all on her own! I was pretty proud.

Then we went and fed the geese. We were just going to look at them until a nice girl came over and asked if I wanted a loaf of bread to feed them. I said, "Maybe not a whole loaf, but how about a couple slices?" She was there with her Grandpa who said, "We went to the day-old bread store and they gave us 22 loaves for $2!" WHAT?!? Looks like I'll be visiting the day-old bread store!!

What a beautiful day! By Tuesday it's supposed to be back to 22 degrees. Great. More winter.

Friday, January 21, 2011

At the movies

I (kind of) want Amelia to watch movies. Not all the time, or even every day, mostly just when we travel. Haha. We have taken the portable DVD player on a couple trips, but she doesn't seem to care too much about it, and mostly just continues to fuss in her car seat. Since we have taken it on some trips though, she now knows what it is, and since it's just sitting out on our basement floor she often brings it to us. We put a movie on and she doesn't even watch for 5 seconds before she closes it up and leaves the room. So, tonight was the same routine.. She brought the player to Jonathan, he turned on the movie and got through allllll the credits (annoying) but THEN, he taught her how to lay on a pillow and watch.

That lasted about 5 whole minutes! Pretty cute.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My big girl

The other day, when I was on my (almost) daily call to Kirsta, she was laughing at me because I still call Amelia "The Baby." I suppose I call her that because she's my only one. So she is still the youngest in the house. Someday when I have 3, the youngest will be The Baby. :) Anyway~ she's definitely not a baby these days. She's perfecting her early onset of the terrible two's. Fun times. She has also gone from 0-60 on the talking front, and is always walking around saying, "hi, hi, hi" or "bye, bye, bye." She also says "up" CONSTANTLY, and just the other day I figured out it not only means "up", it also means "help" which makes more sense when she's trying to put on her shoes or something, lol. Here are some pictures (because I'm on my computer today) :)

In her new jean jumper made by Grandma Melody

Look how tall she is!

She now rides her turtle like a buckin' bronco! It's hilarious.

Pretty smiles

Reading books

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love shopping! Who's shocked?!

It's my favorite time of year.. Clearance shopping time! :) I know that Old Navy will often run their clearance on an additional 50% off the already low prices, so I've been patiently waiting. Our Old Navy is conveniently located right next to Bed Bath and Beyond so I can just pop my head in there every once in a while and see what they've got going on. Well, today was my day! I even got to go shopping alone, which was a double bonus! While we already have lots and LOTS of clothes for Amelia because she gets all of Kalena's adorable hand-me-downs, I just can't pass up $2 pants, sweaters, and especially shoes! A couple days ago, while I was sitting at home, patiently waiting, I took out the box of winter clothes for Amelia NEXT winter and inventoried everything so I would make sure not to buy something she already had or didn't need. How organized am I?! :) Anyway- now we are even more definitely set for next winter, and after that I can feel VERY happy about passing everything to Caroline!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year

YOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUYS! This is not a great start to a new year! If blogging were my New Years resolution, I would have totally failed. It's a good thing I don't make resolutions at all, actually, because I feel like they are just a set-up for failure. Actually, about 20 minutes ago I tried to make a list in my notes of things I wanted to accomplish or get better at in 2011. So, I made my list:

Things to do/ goals for 2011:

And there it sat. Empty. I'm just not ready to write things like, "Be more patient with Amelia," because I feel like I am patient with her most of the time, and asking for an 18 month old to not try your patience is like asking pigs to fly, so we'll just take it one day at a time. Then there are smaller things like, "Do my hair and makeup every day and not wear 'stay-at-home-mom' clothes" which would be super fantastic to do, but some things are just unrealistic. :)

I will tell you my ONE goal for 2011: Get pregnant.

Let me tell you a couple other reasons 2011 has started off on the wrong foot. Right after we got home from Junction, we both came down with colds. So we rang in the New Year sneezing up a storm. Also, the iPod I bought Jonathan for Christmas won't hold any music. Awesome. THEN, I lost my freaking wallet. By now, everyone has heard the whole obnoxious story, but I'm still waiting for all my new bank cards to come in the mail so I can get on with my life.

Lastly, let me explain to you people why I don't blog. I don't use our computer. Plain and simple. The only reason you're getting this blog right now is because I learned I can, infact, write blogs from my phone, not just read and comment on other peoples. Unfortunately, no pictures of Miss Amelia will be included, because I'm not too sure if I can upload photos from my phone to my blog. Once I figure that out though, you will surely hear more from me.