Thursday, March 29, 2012


We all know Amelia is smaller than the average bear, but I didn't know she was this small:

The other day a pair of Addilyn's shorts were on the ground and Amelia picked them up and started to try them on. This came as no shock to me because she wants to put EVERYTHING of hers on and pretty much do everything else she does (eat her food, play with her toys, sit in her bouncer, etc). I said, "Those shorts are not going to fit you, Amelia." And then a minute later she said, "They're not too small, Mom!" Sure enough, Amelia can wear size 3 MONTH bottoms! AHHHHH!

Check out those chicken legs

That being said, she is eating better than she ever has so don't worry! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I seriously can't get over how handy and motivated my husband is. After 4 years it still boggles my mind that I'll mention something in passing like, "such-and-such needs to be fixed" and he immediately goes out to his shop and gets his tools and fixes it! It's something that would've gone on my "list" for later!

Now that our big house remodeling projects are done, Jonathan has made a list of small things that need to get done around here this summer. He asked me if I had anything to add to the list and I said, "Is is possible to get rid of the florescent lights in the basement?" Sure enough, right that minute he went over and took one down to check. He said it didn't look like anything that couldn't be changed out for a regular light. Next thing you know we're at Lowes looking at lights and BAM, new track lighting!



Amazing! Now the only thing I'm annoyed about is that we had hideous awful florescent lights for the past 4 years! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grand Junction

Last week we had the privilege of taking a trip to Grand Junction so ALL 5 of the Gustavson kids could hang for a couple days. The trip got off to a rocky start for us: We had heard that 2am was prime traveling time with kids. They would be so conked out that they'd stay asleep and not wake up until the sun came up and then you'd almost be there! We thought this sounded wonderful, and would give us an "extra" day there, arriving Sunday morning around 9 instead of 3 or 4pm. Well, Amelia did NOT go back to sleep once we were in the car, she just puked a lot. Not awesome. Needless to say, we'll be traveling during the day FOREVER. :)

We thought the whole week might be just as stressful as the car ride, but it wasn't! I'd go as far as saying it was the best/most successful trip we've taken to Junction to date. Both the girls slept great (out of the car). None of the kids were sick (out of the car). Jonathan and I weren't stressed like we usually are, it was a great time! See:

Me and the sibs

Add in the spouses and we all got to go out to sushi kid free! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Gus!

Shortly after Jonathan and I arrived on Sunday Elsha had her baby boy, Daniel! Pretty sure he was just waiting for me to get there! ;) That's number 9 for my parents!

He's just the sweetest lil guy in the world. I think his birth and diagnosis of Down Syndrome put a calming effect on our family. It made us all take a step back and realize how precious life is, and then made the bond of the Gustavson family that much tighter, as we rallied together with support and love for Elsha and Brian and their family. I truly am excited to learn and grow along with Daniel and I can't wait for my kids to be a part of his life.

OMG I could just eat him!

Too bad the weeks in Junction always go by too fast! Hopefully we'll get to go back soon!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Girly Girl

I don't think of Amelia as a very girly girl. Maybe it's because she looked like a boy for so long, or maybe it's because from just a couple months old she would rip headbands off her head and it's still like pulling teeth to get her to let us brush her hair. I know a few little girls that just LOVE their dresses and getting their hair done and that's just definitely NOT her. That being said, she has taken up a few girly traits recently. She LOVES to play with my makeup. And since I'm super anal about my makeup the only thing I let her play with is my clear mascara, but she would put in on her (or my) face all day long.

The other thing she asks for almost daily is for me to paint her toenails. Usually I say, "They're already painted" and then she says, "See?" and holds up her foot for me. Sometimes I give in a take the polish off and repaint them. The other night I even let her paint mine!

I know that's not the greatest picture but a lot of polish ended up on my feet, which actually isn't a big deal because it just rubs off in the shower!

Anyway~ here's to hoping she gets more girly over time!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Bet you didn't know that Pueblo had a zoo, did ya? We don't have a single maternity store, or a NICU at either hospital, but we have a zoo. This town is off.
We took Amelia once or twice last year but we thought we'd get a season pass this year, and it was the best $60 ever spent, considering that $60 covers all 4 of us for an entire year! It's normally $8 per adult, kids under 3 are free, but Amelia turns 3 this year. We bought the pass 2 weeks ago and have already used it 3 times. If it were up to Amelia, we'd be there every day, but sometimes we have to say, "Look outside, it's snowing! Probably not today or tomorrow." Haha. Anyway~ Here's a picture of her on the metal camel.

Also, check out this all white peacock Jonathan and Amelia saw last time they were there:

Pretty cool. Anyway~ Monday and Tuesday it's supposed to be 70 degrees so I'm sure we'll be going one of those days. Here's to the next year at the zoo!