Saturday, November 17, 2012


I dyed my hair dark! To which Elsha replied, "It's not that dark." Which, its actually not. It's pretty similar to my natural hair color, but it's a lot darker than I've had it in a while. Now I just hope it grows fast!

This is Addilyn's new favorite face these days.
 The weather has been so beautiful lately, so we've been spending a lot of time enjoying the sunshine, and our cousins.
And riding our bike!
 The other day I told Amelia to go put shoes on so we could run errands and this is what she came out wearing.  It was a proud parenting moment for me.. How cute are those boots?!

 Addilyn's favorite thing to do these days is wrestle Khloe.  Of course Khloe hates it and yelps when she squeezes too tight, but she'll never get up and leave the room, or even the couch if that's where they are, so really she's the dumb one.

Things are pretty routine and normal around here.  Everyone is doing well and I'm just getting fatter by the day (although my doc told me I've only gained 16 lbs, I feel like I've gained about 60.)
We're SO excited that my parents are coming to Pueblo in a couple days for Thanksgiving, and can't wait for all the food and festivities to come in the next couple weeks!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Right after we got our cute little black dog Khloe, (by the way, we didn't name her or spell it that way, it was like that on her collar) in August, I suggested that we dress as The Wizard Of Oz characters for Halloween so that Khloe could be Toto! I called my mother-in-law, who is an amazing seamstress and our go-to Halloween costume maker. Oddly enough (I wasn't shocked, but you might be) she already had the patterns for Dorothy and the Lion that she had purchased in years passed for "just in case." Of course their costumes turned out AMAZING, with Addilyn's consisting of more than 40 yards of ribbon!

                                                This Lion needs to get some courage! hehe
                                       (This costume is going down in history as one of my favorites)

Amelia's dress was adorable, along with her matching basket and hair bows

I chose to be the Tin Man so that we could have my costume cover my belly
And we thought that Jonathan actually kind of looked like the scarecrow from the movie, so he wanted to be him.

Here's the whole gang!
I love doing family themed Halloweens! I know they're just going to get harder, so maybe we'll have to start just doing the girls.  How about the 3 fairies from Sleeping Beauty? Cute. 

I hope you all had a very happy Halloween!