Thursday, June 6, 2013

5 years

Today is Jonathan and my 5 year anniversary. Time is such a funny thing. On one hand it feels like yesterday, and on the other I think 5 years is nothin'. We're babies in the marriage world.  At the same time, a lot of peoples' marriage fall apart around/by 5 years and I'm happy to say that we have never even fought. ;)
I wish I could have a wedding re-do.  Mostly because HOW FUN ARE WEDDINGS? Especially your own?! I would absolutely love to do all that planning again, pick a new dress, and have all my friends and family together to celebrate us. Also because I still feel guilty about who I invited (or didn't) to our wedding. I know you can't please everyone, blah blah, but I got married at a very in-between stage in my life where I didn't really have any close friends and I had abandoned all my true friends.  Looking back, I wish I would've thought, "We were friends for about 10 years, I should probably invite them, regardless of how long it's been since we talked." So, I'm sorry to all who were left out. (Whew, hopefully that guilt will go away!) Anyway, moving on.

For our 5 years, I thought I'd list 5 great qualities about Jonathan:

He's motivated and hardworking.  Often to the point that I'm annoyed that on his days off we don't really get to hang out because he's working on one project or another.  I have to step back and realize how lucky I am that he doesn't spend his days off laying around doing nothing or leaving me at home to go golfing or something.

He's funny. Sometimes it's embarrassing when I laugh so hard I cry and get that super high pitched laugh that's not really even a laugh.

He's helpful. He works a full time job and then comes home and helps around the house full time. After dinner every night he either cleans up the kitchen or bathes the kids. He's always asking me, "What can I do to help you?"  Awesome.

He's honest. I've been trying for 5 years to catch him in some sort of lie, and I can't!

He loves his daughters. Often, at the end of the day I'm ready to throw the girls in their beds and yell, "I love you" as I'm running out the door to have some alone time. Not Jonathan. He always takes time to play, read stories, share snacks and hot cocoa, and lay down with them for a few minutes if they want.  I'm pretty OCD about a schedule and when Amelia doesn't nap her bedtime is 7.  Sometimes even 6:45. Jonathan has done her bedtime routine with her since she was born, so when it's her time to go to bed I just go downstairs to read my book or watch Dancing with the Stars, leaving them to their own devices.  I can always hear them upstairs eating, talking, reading, whatever, until well after 7 and I'm tempted to march up the stairs and yell at both of them, "It is way past her bedtime! Enough is enough!"  Until it dawns on me that he genuinely likes spending time with her. He could just toss her in bed every night with a story and a kiss and call it good, but he doesn't.  Their bond is immeasurable. When we got Addilyn on a bedtime routine and her bedtime was 6:00 he was sad that he didn't get to see her very much since he didn't get home from work until 5:30, so he switched his schedule to work from 6-4 instead of 7-5 every day. So sweet. Last night I even asked him, "Should we try one more time for a boy?" And he said, "Nope, I'm perfectly happy with my 3 girls."

I could go on and on, but then you guys would probably start to think that I'm making this stuff up.  NOPE, he really is that great! Many more happy years to come! Oh, and in case you think I forgot, we're taking our annual Botanic Gardens trip at the beginning of July, so I'll post our 5 year picture then.


Elsha said...

You should probably try one more time so you can have 4 girls!!

Happy anniversary!

Laura said...

Happy anniversary! Glad to hear you're so happy! You deserve a good man!

Bailey said...

Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see the new picture!

Kirsta 'n co. said...

I for one am happy you keep the blog around, even though I'm trying my best to slowly make my kids live with you so I know all that goes on anyway. Happy anniversary! We should get some serious babysitters and do the Melting Pot together again some day...

Eric and Amy said...

So sweet! Happy 5 years. :)