Saturday, June 29, 2013

Avery: 4 Months

Avery is already 4 1/2 months old! So, I thought I'd update you on all the wild and crazy things she's doing and saying these days. Oh wait...

Anyway~ we had her 4 month well visit yesterday so here are some stats:
14lb 13oz = 75th %
25 inches long = 75th %
Head circumference 40 1/4 inches = 25th %
Proof that her eyes are blue. (Please stay blue, please stay blue.)

She is such a sweet and active little lady. She has recently started screaming a lot, out of joy or boredom or loneliness or sadness, which is pretty annoying. I'm not a huge fan of loud noises. Luckily if I smother her with kisses or just hold her she stops. Her cry is really loud, too, and she just screams out of anger and I don't love it.   Jonathan told me today that I'm a good mom for having patience with her cry because he can't stand it. Hopefully she learns to talk soon! Ha. She rolls over all the time and then of course gets mad about being on her belly.  She chews on everything! Addilyn did not do this, so I'm not used to it.  I wonder if she's getting teeth, or is just going to eat everything (besides food) like Amelia. (Amelia still eats her crayons.) She has regressed on her sleeping, so she and I are going to have a little chat (and a little sleep training) here pretty soon.  She goes to sleep great, it's the waking up 4 (or more) times in the night that's killing me. The Doctor told us we can start her on rice cereal now, so I'm looking forward to moving out of milk-machine mode.  I think she looks a lot like me and my brother Eric as a baby, Kirsta thinks she looks like Elsha as a baby, and a friend told me she looks like my mom, so I'm thinking she's got a lot of "Smiley" genes in her. We're so excited to watch her grow.

I could literally take a picture of her EVERY time she sleeps because I love it so much.


Elsha said...

Can't wait to see that little lady!

Laura said...

Babies are especially sweet when they're sleeping. ;)

Eric and Amy said...

What a cutie! It was fun to visit her while you guys were here.

Now we need some pictures of the new place!