Monday, June 24, 2013

getting old

There are few things I don't love. One is getting older. Another is pregnancy. I find myself being resentful of both those things. Mostly because things happen to your body that you can't change.

A few years ago my cousin told me that she had perfect vision until she got pregnant and after that she had to wear contacts every day, all day.  WHY is pregnancy so annoying?

Over the past couple months I've noticed that some things were starting to be a little blurry.  Just little things like when I'm sitting at our kitchen table and I look at the clock on the microwave I can't tell the difference between a 3 and an 8. Or when I'm reading the ticker tape along the bottom of our small tv in our room it has a little fuzzy sheen around it. This wasn't anything I was too worried about. No headaches or anything so who cares, right?

Then I started to notice that every night when I was reading my book I had a small black dot in front of my right eye.  This was very obnoxious because then as I'm reading, the black dot is moving back and forth with my eye and then I just start to follow the black dot and then I forget what I'm reading because I'm thinking about the dot.  So, I figured since it's been about 15 years since I've had my eyes checked that this was the perfect time to go.

It was definitely an eye opener, no pun intended.  When they popped up that screen with the 4 sets of 2 letters, I could only make out the top row! They switched out the lenses about 100 times and asked which one I could see better out of, which is pretty fun! After they made everything perfectly clear they said, "Here's your normal vision" and took it away, and i couldn't believe it was so blurry!

Turns out my right eye is 20/25 and my left eye is 20/30. So I got these bad boys:

They're only for driving at night (with 3 little ones I don't drive at night) and for watching tv, to make things crispy clear.  

So, I don't know if my bad vision is a result of pregnancy, or just getting old, but I'm going to continue to resent them both. :)


Elsha said...

You're so cute with your glasses. I sort of assume they're an inevitability in this family.

Eric and Amy said...

Those are adorable glasses and look so cute on you. I wouldn't worry at all about 20/25 and 20/30. I'm surprised you noticed any blurry spots at all! You should try my glasses on when we're at Estes Park. :)

Kirsta 'n co. said...

You're on to something with that pregnancy and getting older... fluffy middle pooch? Who do I blame? Poor eyesight, who's fault is that? My hair stopped holding a curl, is it the babies or the decades? I blame you BOTH!

Laura said...

First of all- you're not old. And that eyesight isn't that bad!